Toyota Teach Primary School Project

South Africa


We strive to ensure that the primary schools in which we work function optimally by partnering with the school management teams to unpack and address challenging issues which they face.


Annual Curriculum Development workshops are held with the teachers from the schools in which we work. These workshops, coupled with year-round mentorship and additional resources, assist teachers in covering curriculum more effectively.


We facilitate several programmes in the schools with which we partner. These include reading programmes for learners; team-building conferences; and mentorship programmes and conferences for teachers, principals, and school governing bodies.



Dr Albert Wessels, the Founder of Toyota South Africa, saw the need to uplift the quality of education in the local disadvantaged communities that are situated near and around the Toyota factory in KwaZulu-Natal. The creation of the Toyota South Africa Foundation took place in 1989. With the birth of the Foundation, it was recognised that inputs needed to be more systematic and long term. The well-known Professor J P De Lange was commissioned to investigate what focus the Foundation should take in the Umlazi and Umbumbulu areas. These are the areas from which the South African Toyota manufacturing plant draws the bulk of its labour force. His conclusions showed that many African students (previously disadvantaged learners) at technikons and colleges could not maximise their potential due to poor standards of basic education and their lack of basic skills. He advocated that the Toyota South Africa Foundation should focus on supporting primary school education in Science, Mathematics, Languages, and cognitive development. Subsequently, the Toyota Teach Primary School Project (TTPSP) was born.


28 Schools

476 Teachers

8152 Learners

Our Vision

To help develop the capacity of primary school teachers within a functioning and conducive school environment in order to produce learners who are self-reliant and competent in the world of work.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we strive to provide quality teacher mentorship and coaching and encourage collaboration as an effective way to improve teaching and learning. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela

The team behind the magic…

Our dynamic team of specialists in education, school management, psychology and finances play a vital role in assisting primary schools in providing effective education. The team offers solid guidance and mentorship to several key school stakeholders.

"Toyota Teach came at the right time, when we needed assistance and support."

Mr Khumalo – Principal of Lamula Primary

“They took us to Cape Town with other principals where we saw other schools and the experience that I got there is so important to me… I learnt a lot.”

Mrs Neli Kikine – Principal of Poshane Primary

Toyota Teach have already spent more than 40 000 [rand] on painting the school, inside and outside, which we so appreciate.”

Mr Khumalo – Principal of Lamula Primary

“I needed support. I needed someone to hold my hand… nobody could support me and help me the way that Toyota [Teach] has done.”

Mrs Neli Kikine – Principal of Poshane Primary

Curriculum issues, learner behavioural patterns; those are discussed by the teachers and the mentors and we really thank them for that.”

Mr B.T Zaca – Principal of Gwadu Zenex Primary

“That workshop helped a lot in terms of them [our staff] understanding each other.”

Mr B.T Zaca – Principal of Gwadu Zenex Primary

Get involved!

If you’re interested in partnering with us in our effort to improve the quality of primary school education in South Africa, contact us today.